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Happy birthday images The next day the teacher told us that our classmate, Sandra, had been attacked by two unknown youths with a knife while she was playing with a friend and that she had lost an eye. She would have to stay in the hospital for a while, and she would be very happy to see you, but only in a few days, the doctors had given her peace and gentleness. After the lesson, the teacher asked me to wait a moment. I did not know what to expect, and was somewhat frightened. But her mine promised something good, she smiled and looked somehow proud. John, it was very brave of you to help Sandra against these bats, and to console and console them while you were waiting for the hospital car. She asked me not to mention this, and she did not have anyone but me and her Parents tell who the brave boy was.

Happy birthday images I could not think of anything I could have said, so I just looked at her and waited. The teacher smiled and patted me on the shoulder in a friendly and affectionate manner. This is all I wanted to tell you, John. And Sandra would be very happy if you would visit her today. You may come, only the classmates should wait a few more days.  She was, as I expected, in room 122 in the bed by the window happy birthday images. I did not ask anyone for the way, but steered straight to this room, I did not even get the idea that it could be anywhere else. As I entered, she looked very pale and weak, but her left eye sparkled happily as she saw me. The right side of her face was covered with bandages. John! Thank you for coming. The two women in the other beds looked up as they heard the name, and smiled delightedly.

Happy birthday images Of course, you listened to me when I told the teacher and my parents who the hero was in my story. Come here and give me a kiss, John, please. I said a friendly good day to the two ladies and went over to Sandra. Hi, Sandy, are you feeling better? A shy smile lay on her lips. Yes, something. It hurts very much, but I am happy that you are there. A kiss, please, John. You're welcome. I had never kissed a girl, but I bent down and pressed my lips awkwardly on her forehead. Sandra took my head in her hands and pressed a kiss to my lips. That's how it goes, boy! I smiled. The feeling was not so bad. Thank you for telling this story about the young people. You saved my life.

Happy birthday images She took my hand in hers. Do not you remember? There is no such thing as guilt and fear The younger of the two adult patients said, She is very proud of you, John, and so are we, there are not many children today who would act like you did. I turned to her and said, Well, I've actually done nothing but to hold them, I did not know exactly what had happened, it was much too fast, but if I could, I would rather not talk about it, ma'am, it is embarrassing to me.  And how well you are, my boy, I wish I had such a son! she beamed.