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Aside from malware infection, the presence of invalid entries in your computer's registry has been determined to be the reason for computer malfunction. The registry basically acts since the computer's logbook. It contains files associated with hardware, software, computer settings and user profiles. As the computer operates, it continually references its processes to registry files. Modifications inside settings and software installations are also reflected inside the registry. Frequent utilization of the Mac can equal frequent modifications in the registry which in turn may customize the machine's performance.


Introducing MacKeeper

Malware threats and hackers aren't the only real problems you'll be facing online. You will need a fast mac and secure web connection to ensure that your computer isn't compromised by slow performance. And this will basically be possible for those who have antivirus software that blocks activities that slow down your Mac. This is where MacKeeper comes in. MacKeeper not only provides protection from the aforemetioned threats, it also has the power to keep your Mac fast and efficient.


Identifying and removing malware

This type of infection is introduced by way of a virus typically termed as a "malware" (malicious software) that enters your system unknowingly through the help of powerful Trojans via fake email attachments, rogue downloads or another source from the Internet. This virus produces devastating effects with your computer to convince that you purchase a false upgrade that can do nothing at all to further improve one's body. You should not believe the fake scan results and recommendations on this program since this is a successful scam and Antivirus Live is the real supply of security threats in your whole body.


  • Close all programs on your computer.
  • Click Start, after which click Control Panel.
  • Click Add or Remove Programs.
  • In the list of currently installed applications, find and select Antivirus Live and click on "Uninstall".
  • Confirm that you need to uninstall this system by clicking on "Remove".


Taking additional measures

While it is best to put in a good antivirus program on your computer, there are other steps you can too. Make sure your personal machine is firewalled, to begin with. A firewall protects your computer by blocking viruses and hacking tools before they enter it. You should also update the operating system of your personal machine regularly. So, while MacKeeper is more than capable on its own to keep your Mac in shape, it's important to look at taking additional measures to do so as well.