According to, all the means designed to normalize the body weight can not be combined, since they often have nothing in common except for the name: such means consist of different, sometimes unknown or unexplored components and, therefore, act differently. Most of these drugs, firstly, has no evidence base, and secondly, it has a number of negative side effects, well, in the third - not certified and not registered as medications.
Medication or placebo?
Also, many of them are just a placebo - this "abundance" is explained by the high demand for easy, cheap, affordable methods to lose weight. At the same time, most people simply do not want to limit themselves to eating, to increase physical activity - it is much easier to believe in the "miraculous" force of substances that do not even know about their composition. That's why those who want to lose weight soon have to go to the doctors - to treat the side effects, which they endowed with all sorts of "slimming" drugs for weight loss. So that they do not damage your health, you should know which drugs to choose and which ones to be afraid of. But it is better to trust in the choice of specialists and listen to the advice of doctors. The best diet pills is your choice.