This Absolutely Natural Remedy Provides You with Incredible Erections Every Time!  

What is the remedy's work principle?

Every pill of Herbs for erectile dysfunction from includes 145mg of Hygrophila, 126mg of Almond, 14mg of Saffron, 100mg of Small Caltrops, and 115mg of Blepharis edulis and is manufactured in Asparagus. 


The plants which you've noticed above have been traditionally applied for treating erectile dysfunction for a long time. Herba Hygrophilae Salicifoliae or Hygrophila has been scientifically proven to enhance sexual arousal and erections (Adimoelja, 2000). The pharmaceutical functions of Herba Hygrophilae Salicifoliae have been tested on the rabbit penis muscles. The test revealed that enhanced relaxation of penis muscles is dependent on dosages. Prunus amygdalus have proven to be very effective in view of sperm content and the activity of vas deferens and epididymides. Prunus amygdalus was applied as an aphrodisiac in alternative medicine. Crocus sativus, saffron is applied in pharmacology as antioxidant agent and aphrodisiac.  


Scientific tests at different education institutions have revealed positive effects in Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) sufferers without providing any adverse effects. This shows the healthiness of Herbs for erectile dysfunction tablets on regular and long-time usage. Besides, the study revealed that Sure-Erect pills are quite applicable without providing disorders on biochemical, physiological and hematological levels. 



The common dose is 2 tablets at night for a period of 2-4 months, and the healing should be constant. Apply the tablets half an hour after meals, with great amounts of water. Some sufferers may need a second course. The results from using Herbs for erectile dysfunction should be expected within the first week of usage. Within the course, particularly during the first 3 months it's necessary to be careful and not skip your doses. 


Missed Dosage

If a dose is skipped, take it when remembered. If the time for taking the next dose is near, miss the skipped one and follow your regular schedule. Don't take two doses of Herbs for erectile dysfunctionat once. 


Side Effects

There are no existing adverse effects for Herbs for erectile dysfunction. If having some certain health conditions, or applying other medicines, address your health-practitioner for discussing the components.